the complete collaborative statement from Hyeyoung Kim and Michael Cooper:

"Working with Will Pomerantz on "SUNFISH" was one of the most illuminating creative experiences of our career – what we managed to achieve in such a short period of time was nothing short of theatrical magic.

Will made us see the world of "Sunfish" with brand new eyes - addressing core dramaturgical problems that we had struggled with for nearly a decade and suggesting smart, specific, workable solutions that elevated the drama of the show (while still staying true to the characters and plot we created.)

As a collaborator, Will is a pragmatist – a true problem solver. There were countless roadblocks and major logistical obstacles we faced along the journey of bringing SUNFISH to the stage, but in Will's capable hands nothing ever felt overwhelming or impossible.

In order to make "SUNFISH" a reality at the Daegu Musical International Festival (in our extremely short pre-production timeframe) Will called in an incredible group of designers he knew could deliver. From our very first production meeting, everyone was on the same page – it was his singular vision that infused every aspect of our production. Additionally, Will's recommendation for our general manager allowed us to create (and stick to) a realistic budget for the show that was invaluable to our producing process.

When challenged with this nearly impossible task (cast, design, direct and choreograph a brand new musical – and then take it overseas! – in less than two months!) Will remained calm, focused, and consistently managed to raise the bar for everyone working on the show.

As first time producers, we were faced with many difficult decisions – everything from budgeting, to casting and hiring (and firing) an employee. Throughout the process, we felt Will was our ally; as writers and artists, we always felt "heard" and respected.

Will works fast and furiously, arriving at every rehearsal with a sparkle in his eye and a sense of wonder and excitement that is completely infectious. As a result, actors push themselves ever harder; designers find new and inventive ways to paint the world of the piece. Will has this effortless way of clarifying musical storytelling and a true eye for simple, startling stage pictures. His elegant use of puppetry and fabrics, mask work and movement added a rich layer of theatricality that heightened the entire production.

As writers, Will made us feel confident in our own ability to tweak, edit, rewrite and ultimately strengthen our work – there was a true spirit of collaboration, teamwork, passion and efficiency that he brought to the process.

Will encouraged all of us to step outside of our comfort zone and "play" in a way that felt safe, organic, and always creative.

Perhaps most importantly, Will brought a sense of fun and a high standard of integrity that made collaborating with him on "Sunfish" an experience we will never forget.

Hyeyoung Kim, Composer and Book Writer
Michael Cooper, Lyricist and Book Writer "