The Last Night of Ballyhoo

"Marvelous. In fact, it was so good that when it finishes its extended run on September 2nd, producers should think about moving the whole show with its 15 or so performers to an off-Broadway house (or even a Broadway theater) where it could run for a long time.”

“What’s really key here is the staging done by the director Will Pomerantz. He has flawlessly put the scenes and musical numbers together. To be able to put together a show of this magnitude on a pint-sized stage is truly amazing.”

“If you are out here go see this show. It certainly is the best production the Bay Street producers have ever brought us."

"Ambitious – and a little risky. That’s what I thought when I heard Bay Street Theater was bringing to its intimate stage the megahit Evita.

“But director, Will Pomerantz, was ready with an out-of-the-box twist – one that gives the show a deeper resonance and emotional underpinning in telling the well known story….”

“The hard-working, tight cast of 14 are in constant motion with Marcos Santana’s tango-based choreography. "

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know when you are with an audience really digging a show. The applause is more loudly enthusiastic than polite, the energy in the room is electric. What I just described was the feeling I had at Bay Street Theater while watching the official opening night of the musical revival of Evita.”

“The show is a wonderful, magical, musical experience. Perhaps the best musical production in the Hamptons ever.”

“This cast of actors not only does homage to the original Broadway show, which I actually saw, but in some ways surpasses it.”

“Go see the revival of Evita at the Bay Street Theater. This production is a must see! "

"Broadway habitués summering in the Hamptons need not leave the beach. Evita is being staged with skillful inventiveness and quicksilver fluency at Bay Street Theater….”

“A high-caliber production....”

“There is so much to admire in Bay Street’s production… beautifully evokes the smoky romance of a sultry Buenos Aires tango bar…. "

“Although the rock opera is four decades old, Will Pomerantz, an immensely talented and innovative director performs his magic, and voila! – Bay Street's revival seems fresh and relevant.”

“Hauntingly mesmerizing… sensational staging, high-energy choreography, combined with a live orchestra and powerful vocals all add up to a musical megahit."

"A thought-provoking and intimate restaging of Hal Prince's original production.”

"The thrilling revival of Evita, the classic biography of Eva Peron with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, soars through the rafters at Bay Street with a luminous staging by Will Pomerantz…. He impeccably incorporates every element into a visually lush evening that scores emotionally as well as musically.”

“A dance-filled, visionary new production…. "

"The show had so much fizz and spritz, it was as if director Will Pomerantz opened a magnum of Dom Pérignon and an effulgence of exuberance popped out and sprinkled on every seat in the house. It’s that fabulous.”

“Incredibly polished, with electric excitement ricocheting off the walls.”

“With stunning single set of a seedy tango bar, chainsaw-quick costume changes with spectacular costuming… this is one helluva show, not to be missed."

"Bay Street Theater’s Evita is a triumphant success. The show’s opening night performance received booming applause and a standing ovation for this beautiful rendition of a cherished classic."

Whether you’re a long-time fan or are just learning about this musical now, this is an adaption that’s not to be missed.”

“Director Will Pomerantz and Choreographer Marcos Santana masterfully infused every nook of the stage with life….”

“Seeing this complicated history told in such fun and clever ways keeps the audience entirely enthralled from start to finish."

"A thrilling production of the Tony-winning musical, Evita, under the clever direction of Will Pomerantz....”

“I know it may seem that productions of this show are a dime-a-dozen… but this particular production should not be missed.”

“Bay Street has has a hit with their superb vision of Evita… a delightful night of theater."

The Last Night of Ballyhoo

"Astonishing stagecraft… dazzling… underscores the play’s themes of acceptance and change.”

“Enhanced by Will Pomerantz’s vivid direction and a sterling cast.”

“Engaging… funny… insightful… mesmerizing."

"The funniest and most flawlessly acted drama to hit The Hamptons this year.”

“A superior ensemble under the direction of Will Pomerantz.”

“Broadway-level quality… best production.”

“Run, don’t walk to Bay Street Theater’s LAST NIGHT OF BALLYHOO. "

"Under the superb direction of Will Pomerantz, Bay Street's Associate Artistic Director… outstanding… enthralling.”

“The immersive experience of a beautifully intimate venue, a stellar cast, and a clever story make this a thrilling night of theatre.”

“Mr. Pomerantz's creative team is absolutely top-notch as well. Alexander Dodge’s excellent set is enhanced beautifully by Mike Billing's stunning lighting and Lindsay Davis' divine costumes.”

“Bay Street Theater’s dazzling 25th season continues with a wonderful production of Alfred Uhry’s The Last Night Of Ballyhoo… indeed another hit for Bay Street Theater. "

"As directed by Bay Street Associate Artistic Director Will Pomerantz, an expertly cast ensemble raises Uhry’s social commentary to an absorbing reflection of human frivolity, frailty and fortitude approaching Tennessee Williams territory with a relevance that feels current.”

Ballyhoo bears witness to the power of getting to know the ‘other’… that it is possible to learn the language of intra- as well as interfaith coexistence. Naive? Perhaps. Or not. "

"The incredible set, the sounds, the lights… combined with expert staging, great acting, a well-crafted script, authentic costuming by Lindsay W. Davis, and some top-notch directing by Will Pomerantz….”

“It all adds up to a Broadway equivalent production right here in scenic Sag Harbor.

“A finely-tuned ensemble…."

"Will Pomerantz directed a first-rate cast, including a superb Ellen Harvey, a wonderfully daft Dori Legg, and Erin Neufer (who) brings Lala to life effortlessly as a skinny flibbertigibbet, yet always sympathetic… a discerning rumination on the subject of bias….”

“Designer Alexander Dodge’s set is smashing… with a surprise second set that I’ll let playgoers discover themselves. It’s quite a feat… the most ambitious I’ve seen at Bay Street.“

“It’s not right to call it a comedy—it’s more thoughtful than that—but there is plenty of humor to make the social commentary go down without causing a burn.”

“A swell night of perceptive and witty theater. "

"This appealing production, directed by Will Pomerantz, brings with it lots of laugh-out-loud moments mixed with just the right sprinkling of message to keep it breezy yet impactful.”

“Told with a light and humorous touch it makes for an entertaining evening of theater as well… resonates regardless of religion, race, creed or color.“

Well cast and quite enjoyable… each actor brings something imminently enjoyable the Bay Street stage in this pleasing production. "

"The wonder of Ballyhoo is how fresh it feels.”

“Directed with a playful touch by Will Pomerantz, the production of Ballyhoo is as charming as its characters….”

“Powerful and very satisfying…. "

"Will Pomerantz moves around the play's characters magically across a top Broadway-quality set."

“Riveting, polished theater with laughs by the minute.”

“The playwright manages to deal with serious issues with cunning wit and delicate sensitive moments that touched…. "


"All the makings of a period classic like Porgy and Bess.”

“ Superb cast.”

“This should not be the last time (for) FOR THE LAST TIME.”

"An A+ Jazz Musical.”

“From its opening… to its closing number, the captivating musical FOR THE LAST TIME shows African Americans as we really know them….”

“Infectious music… overriding joy and liveliness."

"Impressive…. excellent… standout vocalists.”

“Nancy Harrow’s catchy music… terrific eight-piece band…."

"Every now and then there are gems you find Off-Broadway that could easily stand side by side with Broadway productions. FOR THE LAST TIME falls into that category.”

“A stellar cast, original songs, an eight-piece band and carefree choreography… superb.”

“Hot and steamy… the temperature rises…."

"Director Will Pomerantz did an incredible job putting together this production that encompassed love, passion, overcoming and facing your demons. The pacing of the show kept the audience engaged and in wonderment of what would happen next.”

“The richness of the text along with the extremely talented ensemble of performers make for a wonderful evening of theatre. “

“A rich fabric of love and tragedy, art, passion, and loss….“

"A production worth seeing… a wonderful evening of theater. "

“Inspired… inventive.”

“Haunting beats (that) keep the mystique of the city….”

A jubilant celebration…."

"For the Last Time is an ambitious musical that entertains in an affecting way.”

“Beautifully layered performances of the universally strong cast.”

“Intricate songs sound closer to what one would hear at a jazz club than a Broadway musical… this jazz influence is a welcome complement to the story.”

“Navigates its complex subject matter in an engaging way."

(A) wonderful production...."

"Inspired by Hawthorne’s The Marble Faun, (FOR THE LAST TIME) uses black characters to represent tropes in fresh ways; new characters for an old canon….”

“Harrow’s brilliant ability to place jazz into a classical structure is inspired.”

Truly is a new show… a pleasurable evening on the bayou. "

Ethel Sings

"Fast-moving and athletic in its theatricality….”

“Brechtian in its construct, simultaneously meant to instruct and entertain.”

“A story of powerful interests scapegoating an easy target to further their political goals."

"A wonderful piece of theatre. It is not afraid of embracing the theatrical, mixing the real and unreal, or of having a clear point of view on and opinion of the events and characters.”

“Will Pomerantz’s direction (is) filled with magic.”

“There is nothing quite like being pleasantly surprised by what a production manages to pull off, and Ethel Sings is full of pleasant surprises… affecting.”

“Interactions that shine with music, charm, love, and ultimately standing up for what one believes in, and paying the highest mortal price."

"Finally gives Ethel and Julius Rosenberg the pathos they deserve, and teaches what can happen in a corrupt judicial system….”

“Anything but irrelevant or outdated….”

“Go see this unique piece of theater."

"A highly stylized production."

"This production, hopefully, will bring attention to and serve as a warning to new generations of what happened during the Cold War when the FBI and the government were allowed to overreach their authority and when hysteria, hate and fear was the message of the day.”

“A haunting and a terrible part of America’s history…."

"Dramatic… inspired….”

Ethel Sings highlights… the ways in which Rosenberg was a victim of misconduct by the United States government."

"Highly theatricalized, even expressionistic presentation of the Rosenberg story.”

“Director Will Pomerantz pulls out many theatrical stops…. "

THE BLUE FLOWER (A.R.T. , Boston )

"Will Pomerantz... fills the stage with an energy and a sense of invention that always keeps the show alive."

"It's fresh, it's inventive, and best of all, it will move you... mesmerizing"

"... a must-see event, particularly for anyone who believes the American musical is in need of a major overhaul."

"Blue Flower blossoms into one of the best shows of the year."

"What a wonderful gift the American Repertory Theatre has given... now, in this holiday season... go unwrap it."

"Directed by Will Pomerantz, THE BLUE FLOWER consistently generates kinetic energy... a skillful blend of stage movement and video projections."

"This flower is abloom with arresting imagery; its overall visual texture ensures that it is never less than watchable."

"Haunting music, gorgeous visuals, and elegant direction."

"A labor of love...."

"Will Pomerantz's direction races along with antic and inventive dispatch....he makes sure that the powerful visuals accent rather than overwhelm the performers."

"Fuck it. I'll just say it. This is one of the best musicals I have ever seen. And for those of you who cringed at the word musical, let me assure you, THE BLUE FLOWER is not a conventional one."

"Director Will Pomerantz and crew make The Blue Flower immersive and engaging....there was magic to it."

"The storytelling is organic, moving seamlessly from past to present, from song to scene."

"See it for the beautiful music, the performances, for the history for the art. Just go see this goddamn show."

"As much as I enjoyed my European Modernism art history class, I never thought I'd be able to see it come to like onstage."

"At once poignant and hilarious..."

"... a musical meditation that effortlessly oscillates between worlds, time periods and genres..."

THE BLUE FLOWER (2nd Stage Theatre, NYC )

"A lovely, sorrowful, dreamlike experience awaits you...."

"An adventurous, one-of-a-kind and perhaps unforgettable affair..."

"The whole complicated production is well assembled by director Will Pomerantz."

"The show never stops moving... close to astonishing..."

"... a musical theatre piece as rare and provocative as a blue flower."

"Pomerantz whips the whole into a fine, heady froth."

"... an ensemble of superb singer-actors set a swirl by director Will Pomerantz."

"Wholly captivating... heartbreaking"

"Lush and transporting... and profound..."

"Director Will Pomerantz orchestrates the many elements into a spellbinding whole and elicits powerful performances from his four leads...."

"Exotic and playful....this 'Flower' blooms with a haunting beauty."

"Strangely captivating.... as if Hans Richter made a musical."

"... impressively detailed psychological portraits without the aid of naturalistic writing... much is communicated in looks and gestures...."

"... if you are up for an adventure, this exhilarating show more than fills the bill."

THE BLUE FLOWER (Prospect Theatre Company, NYC)

"Will Pomerantz directs with skill and balls to the wall commitment, creating several moments in which I found myself gaping, murmuring, 'I didn't know you could do that onstage!'"

"This is not baby stuff, this is theatre with a capital "T"; it strides upon the stage with fortitude, fresh and full, new and different, as smart as it is beautiful."

"It is rare to see a production that fearlessly aims for such a complete artistic and theatrical excellence as The Blue Flower.... It is even more rare to see a production that achieves said aims."

"What is miraculous about the production of The Blue Flower is that it not only achieves the show's complex and intricate vision, but transcends it, providing a theatrical experience that is as delightful as it is moving."

"This is big, fat theatre – brave, strong, unexpected and exhilarating."


"Will Pomerantz's production grabs hold at the word 'go'.... delights and amazes in its entirety."

"Bash Doran's adaptation is truly brought to life by Pomerantz's unique vision and the versatile cast."

"Thrilling... dynamic..."

"My hopes for this show were great, and my expectations were well met indeed."

HARD HEART (Epic Theatre Ensemble, NYC)

"Barker's play takes dead aim at political excesses... and with Will Pomerantz's crackerjack cast to point the finger, the indictment lands with startling force."

"Epic Theatre Company's excellent production of Barker's masterful play.... all the actors work wonders with Barker's difficult Catastrophism... the outcome is one of those rare moments of synergy on stage...."

"The final flourish is Will Pomerantz's direction, which constantly finds ways to merge the steely exterior with the fleshy interior... list of things that are simply right about this play go on and on....

"Brilliant... excellent cast.... the production (is) impressive and elegant..."

"Chalfant and company do Barker's Hard Heart a fine turn here."

"Eludes the label of agit-prop.... instead of calling for revolution in the streets it calls for a revolution in the mind, the spirit, the emotions... a profounder revolution of the body politic, in all the implications of that term.... should draw considerable discussion and attention..."


"Playwright Davis never loses sight of his characters' needs, and neither does the excellent cast or masterful director Will Pomerantz."

"... stands out as one of the most sensitive and troubling post 9/11 dramas I've seen."

"This is powerful stuff."

"Luckily, Pomerantz asks the actors to play the play, not the symbolism, and it works."

"... several coups d'theatre..."

NYMPH ERRANT (Prospect Theatre, NYC)

"Chimes with the unmistakable wit of Porter at his smartest and gayest – in the original meaning of that word."

"... naughty insouciance and knockabout charm..."

"By all means check out Nymph Errant."

"Extremely entertaining... skips and sings along with great finesse directed by Will Pomerantz, who has made some excellent and amusing choices..."

"Where else will you find... a stage with steamer trunks and suitcases populated with ingenious props with spiffy direction of a 1933 written by none other than Cole Porter?"

"For all Cole Porter fanatics this is probably on the top of their must see list."

"Screwball comedy is an art -- and it reached its apex in Cole Porter's 1933 Nymph Errant."

"A frothy mix of racy innuendo... and exotic adventure, now at the Clurman Theater."

"Nicely directed... a lark."

"Breathtakingly charming and inventive..."

"Will Pomerantz keeps things moving, even through the transitions, which were always well staged..."

"Long before Carrie Bradshaw made a career of her romantic capers, there was Eve, the wry, self-aware heroine of Nymph Errant."

"As far as experiments in revivifying old musicals goes, this one was well worth it."

OF THEE I SING (Bard SummerScape)

"Director Will Pomerantz has given the winning show a taut, thrilling production that is both historical and relevant...."

"The only disappointing thing about this revival is the brevity of the run."

"... transports you to the Great White Way of the Depression era."

"Bravo to Bard for bringing Of The I Sing to us (and shame on them for not booking a longer run.)"

"If friends call you and offer you their extra tickets to Of Thee I Sing, which has been sold out for weeks, say, "Yes!"

PRATER VIOLET (Culture Project, NYC)

"Few novels of late have made the transition to the stage as gracefully as Prater Violet."

"The director, Will Pomerantz, also adapted the book.... the result is an evening of theatre with bags of English charm."

"Mr. Pomerantz has a way with the period."

"... the director puts a minimum of resources to maximum advantage; the film studio is brought to life..."

"Unexpected treasure Off-Broadway..."

"... like finding a precious watch in the street.... deserves a banner waving above some full off Broadway house."

"With the same skill he displayed in his recent Social Note: An Evening with Dorothy Parker staged at the Algonquin Hotel, Will Pomerantz has adapted and staged Prater Violet in two taut acts."

"Succinctly entertaining with depth of feeling, scene after scene lose none of the documentary truth of the Hitler era."

"Bravo, all hands."

"Perhaps one of the most striking autobiographical productions I have ever encountered is now playing Off-Broadway..."

"Will Pomerantz's wonderful adaptation and direction clearly show off a formidable talent. There is an amazing clarity to the events of the novel as staged..."

"... the personal and the political within Isherwood's relationship with the director is masterfully plumbed."

"The piece moves seamlessly from the slapstick comedy of the movie in progress to the sobering political situation in Europe...."

"A very worthwile production, indeed."

THE SHAPE OF THINGS (The Studio Theatre, Washington, D.C.)

"I think I've now seen the best stage production of the year..."

"I won't hold my breath that anything will emerge with more stunning theatrical force than the Studio Theatre's flawless mounting of The Shape of Things."

"The actors, guided so ably by director Will Pomerantz... create remarkably natural, personable characters... outstanding..."

"Another year, another hundred shows scrutinized... winnowing it down to the top ten best productions isn't the easiest thing to do for such a banner year... number one: The Shape of Things (The Studio Theatre, directed by Will Pomerantz)."

"This is one of the most unusual and surprising plays in recent memory."

"Director Will Pomerantz keeps the action moving crisply, even while ratcheting up the tension. A pretty neat accomplishment since many of the scenes are short, with many set changes throughout. Changes to the set are beautifully choreographed and done in full view."

"An edgy, nasty, very original and provocative script supported by a fascinating and outstanding production."

A TALE OF TWO CITIES (Culture Project, NYC)

"A towering challenge that Will Pomerantz and his troupe undertake... conceived with obvious affection for Dickens' narrative breadth..."

"Will Pomerantz's ear for dialog that lifts off the page is a discerning one."

"Conceived with obvious affection for Dickens' narrative breadth... grand Dickensian characters."

"It's about time that someone picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the RSC and their legendary production of Nicholas Nickleby, and thank god it was Will Pomerantz and Culture Project... with their five-hour, two part production of Dickens's Tale, they not only picked up that gauntlet, they hoisted it over their heads with ease, grace and humility..."

"As adapted and directed by Will Pomerantz, this Tale is intensely personal... shining a bold, clear light into the dusty corners of Dickens's classic."

"With exquisitely detailed touches throughout, the gorgeous production created and sustained an atmosphere of 18th century France and England in a way that was visceral and real, each successive coup de theatre stunning in its sheer creativity..."

"Pulsating with vibrant life, A Tale of Two Cities defies categorization, becoming a piece of pure theatre that enchants and excites..."

"For the privileged few lucky enough to experience the thrilling joy of this production, the memories will resonate long after the final, chilling fall of the guillotine blade."

(Cornell University Performing Arts Center, Ithaca, NY)

"Will Pomerantz, director and choreographer, has played robustly and irreverently with a Shakespearean text, devising a delightfully inventive production of The Taming of the Shrew."

"While adhering closely to the essentials, Pomerantz makes the potentially misogynist play speak to and for feminism today..."

"Pomerantz bowls a strke at the finale – a final gesture that must be seen – as must this inventive rendering of Shrew."

TATJIANA IN COLOR (Culture Project, NYC)

"Directed with bravado by Will Pomerantz..."

"... expresses the racing pulses and perturbation..."

"Delicious tension... wonderful..."

"Pomerantz's direction enhances Jordan's script immeasurably."

"One feels like a voyeur each time Tatjiana flees her oppressive life to go to Schiele.... one is almost as breathless as the young girl herself."

THIS SIDE OF PARADISE (St. Clements Theater, NYC)

"Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, glittering emblems of the Jazz Age... are resurrected in THIS SIDE OF PARADISE."

"Accomplished... dazzling... excellent."

"Lingers in the mind... the perfect subject for a musical."

"Harrow and Pomerantz are serious enough about these characters to explore their depths... "

"Highs and lows, boom and bust... a thrilling rise and devastating crash."

THE WILD DUCK (The Century Center, NYC)

"... in Will Pomerantz's gripping production, audiences will be shaken by The Wild Duck."

"... no big directorial ideas get in the way, but that's not to say Pomerantz's work is routine. His moment to moment staging is consistently nuanced and highly dramatic, maintaining a crisp pace for three entertaining hours."

"The acting here is passionate, subtle and highly watchable."

"Tremendously moving..."


"Will Pomerantz has directed Guare's work so that it seems to cinematically leap across the stage. The six-member cast shines throughout.... a testament to fresh exploration."