Landscape of the Body

by John Guare

The Juilliard School

direction: Will Pomerantz
sets by: Troy Hourie
lighting by: Lap Chi Chu
costumes by: Carol Bailey

a testimonial from playwright John Guare:

"Last season, the graduating class at Juilliard did my play 'Landscape of the Body.' It was directed by a young man named Will Pomerantz. I was happy they were doing my play, but Mr. Pomerantz was unknown to me. I went to the first day of rehearsal to talk about the play. Everyone was the wrong age. There were all so young. Except for the kids playing the 14 year olds. They were too old.

But they were smart and I noticed Will Pomerantz watching the cast very carefully as I talked to them. What was he thinking? It'll be a student production, I decided. No more. No less.

Then I went to the first performance. Yes, everyone was still the wrong age, but Pomerantz had given the production a life, a truly dazzling visual style, a freedom to the actors that liberated the play in a way I had never seen. I think it's probably the truest production of the play since its initial production in Chicago in 1977.

Will Pomerantz did the paradoxical impossible -- he respected the text scrupulously and at the same time found a visual life for the play that deepened and amplified it. He found every bit of humor and then some. He gave it an emotional depth you dream of when you write.

I happily write this testimonial, confident that you will have the same experience I did."